Chianca d l'ora
your holiday in Puglia

Chianca d l'ora
your holiday in Puglia

Chianca d l'ora
your holiday in Puglia

Chianca d l'ora
your holiday in Puglia

Chianca d l'ora
your holiday in Puglia

Welcome to Chianca d' l'ora holiday house

in Ostuni
the White City

Would you like to feel the emotions of living in an ancient traditional house with stone-vaulted rooms for a few days?
La Chianca d' l'ora is the right choice.
Would you like to pass a weekend in a rustic house that has been used by humble local people for decades, but also have all the modern comforts of today?
La Chianca d' l'ora will charm you.
Would you like to stay in a historical street, with no traffic, just 200m from Piazza Sant’Oronzo?
La Chianca d' l'ora is tailor-made for you.

The house gets it’s name from the zone of Ostuni, that since the 8th Century has been called “Chianca d' l'ora”.
The translation is roughly ‘paved stone of gold’ or ‘paved stone of time’.
Which one is right? There are different theories, which locals love to chat over for hours during long summer evenings.

It’s possible that a treasure was found under one of the paving stones, or that the name came from a laurel tree previously found near the site, or perhaps it relates to the old slaughterhouse that used to be there! It could also, according to some locals, be named this way because of an old sundial clock. The locals will be happy to share their thoughts, as well as all the other treasures of Ostuni!
House characterisitics
Floor Plan
• 1 double bed and 1 foldable double bed
• Air conditioning and heating (and timer)
• USB plugs
• Small Kitchen with cooker, dishwasher, fridge, microwave
• Bathroom with shower (130cm x 70cm)
• WC and bidet
• Storage cupboard for bags
• Fully furnished kitchen
• All bed linen, towels, and teatowels provided
• Coordinated recycling bins and cleaning equipment
• Drop off and loading short-term parking only

In Ostuni

in the heart of Puglia... the White City
The picturesque white Town, perched on three hills with a wonderful panoramic view, displays its maze of white streets, rich in history, craft shops and traditional restaurants.

Ostuni, perched on three hills, is located inside the Itria Valley, 218 meters above sea level. It is 42 km north-west of Brindisi, 8 km from the Adriatic coast and it was awarded the Blue Flag.

Ostuni, the White Town, is magic thanks to the characteristic whitewashed houses of its historic center, a tradition the inhabitants still keep on. The Fifteenth century Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral dominates mid town, with a façade sporting a 24-rays rose window of rare beauty.

Along the Via Cattedrale, which divides into two parts the medieval heart of town, there is the former Carmelite Monastery, nowadays seat of the Museum of pre-classical civilization of Southern Murgia, which contains the calque of Delia, a pregnant woman who lived 25,000 years ago.  

In Piazza Beato Giovanni Paolo II (the Cathedral little square), eighteenth century buildings like the Palazzo Vescovile and the old Seminario are connected by the fascinating Scoppa arch. At the ground floor of Palazzo Episcopio, the Diocesan Museum holds and exhibits the extraordinary historic-artistic heritage of the Ostuni church, with internationally renowned masterpieces.

A series of churches and elegant houses embellish the old town, surrounded by Aragonese walls, where there are the two ancient town gates, Porta Nova and Porta San Demetrio.

Ostuni’s countryside is dotted with masserie (farmsteads), mostly turned into holiday farmhouses (agriturismi) and luxury resorts. Among them, Santa Caterina, with its high octagonal tower, the fortified masseria Lo Spagnulo and the masseria Cappuccini, with its trulli.

(source: www.viaggiareinpuglia.it - The official tourism website for Puglia)


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